Friday, August 21, 2009

The Right Decision

"Listen and hear from the experiences of others but although some could not be applied to you then you must follow your heart and be ready for the consequences made by your decision. Follow yourself and let other share their experiences or point of views but certainly you should make decision not because of other people. If somethings went wrong nobody could be blamed aside from yourself!

If you have faith in God, pray as well and make sure that any decisions you made should not have implications to others as much as possible.

Just be happy and do not take life seriously, if you made a wrong decision that cannot be altered then just enjoy life and charge it to your experience.

I have made lots of probably would be considered as bad decisions in life but I do not take it seriously and I just got what are those good things to be learned from it. You will never be strong if you will not make any decision at all! "

-- The Crazyhorse

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